Operations that result to success are remarkable. The professionals behind these are recognized for their expertise in the field. Perhaps, achievements like these are highlights in the lives of the said individuals. However, if an assignment fails, controversies arise. Sometimes, changes have to be done. That is why a revision rhinoplasty in Houston is required.

Once there was a piggery in countryside. The business closed down due to sanitary purposes. After this event, people learned to be keen about cleanliness. They, with the help of the leadership of Ronnie, got rid of the nuisance in the area. They were satisfied with the result.

A few months after, Ronnie decided to build a new business where the piggery was located. As he was about to get inside the place, he saw a woman. She seemed to be in her twenties. She must be a new neighbor, he thought. He was going to get in but looked back. The woman is covering her nose. He cannot smell anything unpleasant, though.

The next day, the same woman, Larah, passed by while covering her mysterious nose. This same scenario happens almost every single day. Ronnie tried to stretch his patience. This lady did not know the hard work they made to clean the place. He was upset to witness this act from Larah.

He waited for her to pass by. Not long enough, she came. He asked her if she smells anything. Larah was going to answer but hesitated. Instead, she took her right hand from her nose and revealed a secret. The truth is that she was hiding her nose. She was embarrassed to let everyone see how disfigured it is. Ronnie cannot believe what he saw. He took his left leg backward aback and was about to fall.

This is a result of a failed rhinoplasty, she said. Ronnie finally relaxed after hearing the story of Larah. He handed a glass of water to her and led her to his living room. The two continued talking about her past. She apologized if he became upset because of her.

He had not seen her since the last day they talked. She must have been upset, too. She probably goes to another route to get to her house. He cannot blame her. Just exactly before opening the door, there was a knock. He opened it.

She laughed while looking at him. He continued staring at her. She looks totally different. Her face is restored, he guessed. All those periods of time that she left, she was staying at the hospital. She could not be happier. Her life has changed for the better. She no longer needed to cover her face and create curious looks in public places. She felt a great relief. The people around her also are satisfied with the outcome.

The story above shows how bitter situations can ruin the confidence of an individual. Not only is the confidence affected, but also how other people treat another person. Sometimes, people become irrational, unintentionally. People, like Larah, are the ones who are more grateful that surgery is present.