Getting a loan for a vehicle with bad credit is not impossible, but it requires a little extra creativity. When contacting a car dealer with bad credit for a loan, it's important that you do your research carefully or you could risk taking advantage of it yourself.

If you visit a poor credit car merchant who is equipped with the right knowledge and strategy, you can get a fair deal on your loan. First, get a copy of your credit history and history before you start.

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You need to know your ranking to make sure the dealer is fair about how "bad" it is. If you are at the upper end of the "bad credit" spectrum, you have more room to negotiate than at the lower end of the spectrum.

Then take the time to save and pay a large down payment. The higher your down payment, the better chance you will be accepted by a car dealer with bad credit. This makes you less risky for the lender. It can also give you a lower interest rate as part of the value of the vehicle secured by your down payment.

Another strategy to consider is getting a co-signing. A sender is someone with a decent payoff who is willing to sign a loan with you.

When you go to a car dealership with bad credit, you are working with a company that specializes in serving the people in your situation.