Thai cuisine is one of the most unique cuisines in the world. It combines the quality and logicality of Chinese cuisine and a sharpness of the Mexican. The Thai cuisine basis is an art of five tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and hot.

Depending on availability, Thai dishes can change their ingredients. Ingredients, spices and their combinations, as a dish preparation time are defined by a cook. You can also order the best Thai, Asian & Chinese food in Spokane valley.

Thai cooks constantly improvise, replacing one component with another depending on circumstances, following only the basic order of preparation. But there are products, which are considered to be basic ingredients and can be found in the house of each Thai. 

It's rice, chili pepper, coconuts, limes, garlic, lemongrass, galangal and coriander. And of course, the basis of all Thai cuisine is rice (khao). It's both a garnish, and a salad part, both the basic dish, and a dessert. Three quarters of Thai foods lose the taste and sense without rice.

The main highlight of Thai cuisine is sauces and seasonings. However in all Thai dishes the balance which, certainly, is very important is always observed. Therefore all extreme tastes are harmoniously balanced in each dish. Chili sauce and coconut milk are characteristic for Thai cuisine.