Solid winter pool covers are by far the most common type sold today. They do a good job of protecting a pool during cold weather and retarding the growth of algae as the weather warms prior to opening a pool.

Unfortunately, improper installation destroys many covers long before they should require replacement. Improper installation is often the reason. Here's how to do it right and save money.

The correct way to install a automatic retractable pool covers is very similar whether your pool is above ground or in-ground. Lay the cover over the top of the pool and ensure that the overlapping material is even all the way around. Once this is done place the securing hardware in position. : WaterWarden Inground Pool Safety Cover, Fits 20' x 44', Blue Mesh Easy Installation, Triple Stitched for Max Strength, Includes All Needed Hardware, SCMB2044 : Garden & Outdoor

For above-ground pools, this means threading the cable to the loops or grommets and attaching the winch or tightener. For in-ground pools, install the water bags or Aqua Blocks through the retaining loops sewn into the cover.

The next step is to form the cover to the sides of the pool around the entire perimeter. The idea is to have the cover lie on top of the pool water for support and stay against the sides to prevent wind from getting underneath.

Full covers are bulky and must be stocked in 50 or more sizes requiring a sizable amount of floor space to have covers on hand for the myriad of pool sizes