There are certain issues relating to the fuel economy that is very common among modern vehicles, and one that is often overlooked even by a reputable mechanic. If you already have a modern car for more than 3 years, you may start to see a significant drop in the performance of your car, and you use more fuel.

You might think that the car needs a good tune-up, and that might be. Ask the mechanic to do this for you, but if you do not see an increase in performance then something else is wrong. What could it be? If you want to get the major car repair services then you can visit various online resources.

spanner used on a car

Modern cars continue to be made more and more fuel-efficient in a number of ways: the car’s body shape, weight, and design of the machine. Each machine has an optimal fuel to air ratio to run most efficiently.

In older cars, a carburetor is a place where fuel is mixed with air. Now that fuel-injected engine and air to fuel ratio is carefully monitored and controlled. If there is too little fuel we say that is running lean and you do not achieve the optimal power. If there is too much fuel we say it is running rich and not all the fuel is burned properly. So the fuel-air mixture is very important to get the best out of your machine.