Commercial laundry detergents, housekeeping, laundry carts, and other laundry supplies are critical to any hotel, hospital, or nursing home's daily operations.

Most dry cleaning and laundry companies receive hundreds (or even thousands) of laundry each day, in some cases the same day. Choosing a commercial washing solutions service is a smart and economical choice for any business.

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Commercial Laundry solutions that use less water, energy, and detergent in order to make wash and dry cycles more efficient. Maintaining quality service is critical to sustaining a business, and there are several ways an owner can set up an efficient and cost-effective process that will keep customers coming back again and again. 

With a clothing management system, you can manage everything, which not only makes your process more efficient but also reduces errors and can even reduce waiting times.

Fast and efficient grouping of orders

Whether you serve residential or commercial customers, grouping orders is a must. Each laundry counter/bag must be properly labeled (including a name or special instructions for laundry).

Keep your workplace tidy

Keeping workspaces organized and tools easily accessible is critical to the efficiency of any workplace, especially in the apparel industry. The popular item, tab band, is made specifically for organizing rolled items. This strap fits neatly around the pulley and has a small pull pin that allows easy removal.