Regardless of how basic handyman tasks as this seems, there is always a difficult situation you can fall into. To make it easy-peasy, you must carefully select the wallpaper like Schumacher wallpaper & wallcovering with high-quality materials. Here are some tips that will make your company more easily:

1. Read Manual!

With each role wallpaper comes an instruction sheet, so you'd better read it carefully! If the wall surface is not perfect, use a primer to fill small cavities.

2. Buy Every Equipment

Create an adequate choice when you purchase the necessary equipment. Except for compatible brush and paste, take a few pieces of canvas, to cover the floor where you will redecorate.

3. Choose Carefully

First, and most importantly, choose a high-quality "covering" for your project. If you decide to be a little stingy, you will probably end up with some thin wallpaper which will tear to pieces, when you try to glue on the walls.

4. What Color?

This option will depend on the size of the room in question. If large enough, use a dark color with larger prints. This will make the room both simpler and smaller. If space is smaller in size using opposite– lighter colors and small prints to create a feeling of more space.

5. Fill In The Gaps

After carefully removing the old wallpaper and their left-overs, make sure there are no small holes or imperfections that would ruin the look of your new wall "covers".