What could be more delicious than chocolate? That creamy, rich concoction is loved all over the globe. A cup of Cadbury’s Oreo hot chocolate is the perfect way to warm up in winter. Hot chocolate is so beloved that it has been incorporated into holiday traditions such as sledding and ice skating. 

You can even enjoy drinkable hot chocolate. Cadbury’s Oreo hot chocolate shake was actually invented before chocolate in its original form. The amazing properties of cocoa seeds were first discovered by the Aztec and Maya peoples of South and Central America. 

These ancient people first tried the cocoa seeds by mixing them with different spices, and then they drank the result. The liquid chocolate substance was loved by the people and used in all kinds of social and religious functions. The conquistadors were first introduced to the exotic drink by the Spanish when they conquered Mexico in 1500. 

They were so familiar with it, they brought cocoa seeds home from Mexico and started having the product shipped back. Hot chocolate was only available to the very wealthy because of the high cost of importing cocoa seeds. The Spanish loved chocolate for almost one-hundred year before it was discovered by the rest of Europe.

Cadbury’s Oreo hot chocolate became more affordable as mass production became more common. A powder mix was created in the middle of the 20th century that allowed consumers to add hot milk or water to create their own hot chocolate. This is how many people enjoy hot chocolate today.