The initial study checklist will help you determine what type of CEQA and NEPA document is required for your project. This can be a negative or mitigated declaration. The initial study checklist can help determine the significance threshold for an environmental impact report.

The California Natural Resources Agency has identified the NEPA reports required for a project based on responses to 89 questions covering 18 environmental topics. You can also get more information about the NEPA and CEQA report online through various sources.

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According to the California Natural Resources Agency, Appendix G is a template form that can be modified to suit the needs of the lead agency and the particular circumstances of the project. A recent opinion by the Third District Court of Appeal clarified that all evidence regarding potential impacts of a project must be considered.

Each of the 18 environmental topics in Appendix G are divided into separate chapters for easy reference. CEQA and NEPA document writers can select the environmental topic that interests them, and then access all information within that chapter.

This book should not be read completely. Instead, it can be used to reference any environmental topic the initial study checklist author is most interested in. For more information on the CEQA and NEPA report, you can search online.