Cloud Hosted Services are becoming increasingly popular among small and medium (SMB) businesses. 

IT Managed Service providers, or MSPs, find that they no longer have to maintain servers and back up data. Instead, the Cloud Vendor takes on this responsibility. There are some companies that provide mass services in Perth.

Hosted Exchange is an example of a service such as Microsoft Office 365 that does not require Microsoft Exchange maintenance. All data is backed-up and stored securely in a Microsoft Data Centre.

Or is it? Microsoft is not the only one experiencing outages with Cloud-Hosted services. Many MSPs are now looking at how they can augment Cloud service provider backups with their own backup and redundancy systems.

These are the three areas where your IT Support company can help clients back up Cloud:

Email Continuity

E-mail is an integral part of many clients' businesses. As such, ensuring that email flows when a Cloud Service goes down is a common strategy that many clients would like to employ. 

Redundancy is key to ensuring spam filters are effective and that the best products for email filtering are used.

Social Media

Cloud service Backupify also allows users to automatically back up other Cloud Hosted services like GoogleMail, Flickr and Facebook (including company fan pages), and Twitter. 

Data Backup

Managed Online Backup is another service that is growing in popularity. These services can be customized to meet the needs of your clients. 

This model allows backups of important documents and other data to be performed automatically according to a schedule to a data center in the cloud. 

MSPs can help clients backup Cloud Service data manually if the automatic backup isn't possible. Many cloud services, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), offer the ability to export data to one file.