Vienna is a city that is vibrant, with so many different attractions to visit you will always have the option of visiting new places in the city.

Vienna, the Austrian capital has such a diverse history, including the period of the Baroque movement and the Napoleonic wars and so on. You can take a complete guide from the sites like for your visit. There are a number of museums are located in Vienna. When in Vienna these museum should be on your travel itinerary:

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1. The Liechtenstein Museum is located in Vienna has derived its name from the building a prince of Liechtenstein, which is one of the oldest noble families in Europe. The museum has a collection of works from the Renaissance to the Baroque period, including paintings by Rubens, Rembrandt and van Dyck. Badminton Cabinet on display which is the most valuable piece of furniture in the world.

2. Schatzkammer in Vienna can be considered as one of the world's largest repertory. It has been divided into two parts: the Imperial Profane and Sacerdotal Treasuries. The first division displays the crown jewels and the collection of imperial wealth, while the other division consists of ecclesiastical treasures.

3. The Austrian Theater Museum is located in the baroque Lobkowitz Palace Vienna, is the national museum of the history of theater representing Austria. The museum came from the Austrian National Library Theater Collection, which went as far as a very attractive Baroque era.

The museum depicts the history of theater in Austria with costumes, photographs and other related exhibits are on display. It is wonderful to be able to admire art and the people of Vienna through various periods of time which allows you to see the transition of Vienna for the current era.